Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Prepare for Hot Weather: Sprinkler System Tips

Here at A New Leaf, we can't believe it's already April! And that means that summer is creeping up on us quickly. We wanted to start to get you prepared for the hotter weather, so we compiled this list of tips for making sure your sprinkler system is in tip top shape!

When it is hot, and you (or your Gardner) are running the sprinklers for longer periods, system problems may become more evident.

6 Signs Your Sprinkler System May Have a Problem

  1. Unusual wet spots on your pavement or dry spots on the lawn.
  2. Weak water output, which may mean there is a clog, leak or break somewhere in the sprinkler system.
  3. The lowest sprinkler setting leaks constantly. This is not really a problem with the sprinkler, but with the valve: it's not shutting off all the way.
  4. Your water meter is always running. If the meter moves when everything is shut off, you have a leak. Check the toilets and all faucets as well as your irrigation system.
  5. Wet or muddy spots that suddenly appear may signal a broken pipe or riser
  6. Valve boxes are filled with water. This could be caused by sprinklers directly hitting the box, or because of California's heavy clay soils directing water along the sprinkler trench lines. However, if the water does not drain away it could be indicating a faulty valve.
If you notice these issues, or if your yard is ready to be freshened up, give A New Leaf a call! You can visit our website for more information, and reach us by phone at (562) 690-1492 for Los Angeles County or (949) 298-4446 for Orange County.

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