Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Santa Monica Contemporary Landscape Design - Progress Update #2 - Installing a Jacaranda Tree

In the first week of February, we took a big step forward in the progress of our Santa Monica Contemporary Landscape Design project: installing a beautiful Jacaranda tree.
We took a few videos showing the progress of getting this 10,000 pound tree in place. You can see all of those below!

Tree Planting

We keep an eye on detail for the plant pits to make sure that all of our trees drain correctly.

Prepping the Crane

A flatbed holds the tree on its side, in a 72-inch box, while we prepped the crane to flip over the wall and into the yard.

Uprighting the Tree

This is the hardest part of doing this work -- getting a tree of this size to stand up straight!

Securing the Tree

Our team takes a lot of care to make sure the tree doesn't sustain any damage while we prepare it to be picked up by the crane.

Setting the Tree

And finally, the most exciting part of the job -- seeing the tree take its place in our design.

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