Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Landscaping Your Orange County Real Estate

Curb Appeal...

We all know the term. Real estate agents tell us many of their buyers do not even get out of the car if the home lacks curb appeal. So, if a buyer will not exit the car, how are they going to see that kitchen or bath you remodeled? While a kitchen renovation may decrease the amount of time your house is on the market it frequently does not recoup your costs in the sale price.

Not so with Landscaping...

Studies show that a well-landscaped property can add as much a 10% to the market value of your home, as well as speed up the selling time. While you may not wish to reinvent the hardscape design (walls, walks, patios) of your property prior to selling it, many improvements (some dramatic) can occur with improvements to the softscape (plants, irrigation and low-voltage lighting).

  • Shrubs can decrease negative views or be used to balance or accentuate architectural details otherwise overlooked.
  • The addition of decorative pottery, when well-planted, can create welcoming entrances where previously none existed.
  • Low-voltage lighting not only improves safety but can be added to showcase a particularly attractive aspect of your property.

Maybe your yard over the years has deteriorated into a jungle. Corrective maintenance may be able to turn back the clock and restore the landscape to a functional and appealing accent.

  • Cutting back and artfully pruning old plantings may open up new views or reveal the handsome form of mature trees and shrubs - one of the biggest advantages of a mature landscape.
  • Transplanting existing shrubs and perennials can be thought of as creative recycling and result in a much improved embellishment of your home.

Avoid the mistakes of adding a few quickly placed flowerpots purchased from the local home improvement center, and thinking that will hide the lack of care that a poorly presented landscape suggests.

Let the crews from A New Leaf give you assistance in preparing your property for a successful sale.

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